Republican and Democrat Establishments Implode

The long time political establishment of both the Republican and Democratic parties are imploding. These elitists are quite literally turning themselves inside-out, their ignorance and sense of exceptionalism is propelling them rapidly into the abyss of a massive black hole, from which there will be no return. It is profoundly absurd to witness, not the fact that they are destroying themselves from within, but the fact that they remain so astonishingly ignorant as to the reason(s) why! My name is S.A., aka National, I am a concerned American Citizen, a registered Independent by affiliation, admittedly right leaning. It has always been my intent to lend my support for the most qualified individual of character, integrity and purpose. It is my fervent desire, that we as a people can and should attempt to effectively navigate through the demagoguery and deceit, and come to a place where this country, and her people, are at the forefront of our elected officials consideration, regardless of party affiliation. I am hopeful, that through education, consideration and an analysis of the facts, we can thoughtfully support a candidate of merit and capability, one, that will ultimately represent all the people with integrity and unify our now dysfunctional, polarized and ineffective legislative and executive representatives. With each and every Presidential election cycle, I feel more and more like the dog, that returns to consume his own vomit, as we are once again presented with the unenviable task of selecting the lesser of the evils. Unfortunately, the choices we are offered are discouraging.

Throughout the remainder of the 2016 political cycle, I would like to primarily explore the political environment, specifically the Presidential Candidates, by examining their views, track record, actions, promises and rhetoric. It is my intent, to begin the process by which we can collectively, as concerned American Citizens, in a conflated, non-partisan way, take an honest, hard look at the issues and the candidates that purport to have all the solutions that this country so desperately needs.

As a beginning premise, and I would submit, as an axiomatic truth, that the Presidential race and its candidates, on both sides of the isle, have been nothing short of nefarious, and are an embarrassment to this nation. The problem is, ultimately, we the people pay the price. As of this writing, the candidates offered, have lied to us, intentionally misled us, and have demonstrated their willingness to do or say anything in order to secure our vote. They spin the truth with purposeful intent to discredit and disparage their opponents and to propagate their own standing. I suppose it is not dissimilar to past elections in that regard, with one glaring difference, the gravitation in huge numbers, to what I can only refer to as unconventional or non-establishments candidates in Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and arguably, Ted Cruz.

The Republican debates and rhetoric have been nothing short of a circus, a frenzied Kardashianque drama, void of any real substance, anyone who even remotely identifies themselves as a conservative should be tremendously disappointed and outraged. Most, if not all, of the Presidential Candidates, in addition to our recently elected Republican and Democratic Representatives (2014), and establishment elitists of both parties, have been derelict in their commitments to their constituency, they obfuscate, cast blame and spin the truth to solidify their own personal agenda and to maintain their elected position. Many of our elected officials often refer to their service to this country, and its people, as “careers”, in my view, there is something inherently wrong with this outlook. Career denotes personal agenda and gain, service is the giving of oneself for the betterment of others. Career and service are typically not synonymous with one another, save clergyman, and the United Way volunteer for example. Have no allusions, the vast majority of politicians are in it for the betterment of themselves.

Mitt Romney’s incursion into the political discussion is the epitome of hypocrisy, and will only serve to exacerbate the spectacle, as it is further representation of the establishment trying to impose their will upon the people. I am ashamed to admit, that I took a week of my life, to campaign on his behalf in Las Vegas, NV, in addition to casting my vote for him in 2012. Romney arrogantly calls for Trump to release his tax returns, his vilification of Trump’s inheritance and his failed business, to include his companies bankruptcies, are the very same issues that tormented Romney as the 2012 nominee. It comes as no surprise, that the rhetoric of Romney, and others of the so called establishment, has had precisely the opposite intended effect , and serves only to fuel the fire of discontent. It is laughable that they continue to believe that they know what is best for us, the people. It is astonishingly absurd that the career politician and those that control them, cannot see that they are the problem! The incredulity and distrust that the conservative and liberal constituency feels toward their representatives is clearly evidenced by the unprecedented number of voters, and the heavy gravitation to the recalcitrant, self serving billionaire demagogue, Donald Trump, and to the self proclaimed Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Simply put, the people feel that they have no other choice.

In the coming days and weeks, it is my intent to take a more detailed look into each of the candidates in the 2016 Presidential race. In the interim, a quick synopsis reveals, at least at the surface, the dire choices we are faced with.

Bernie Sanders- admitted socialist, way to far to the left, unrealistic with his promises, will have profound difficulty unifying congress. Takes unfair advantage of the young voter by promising them the world, while knowing full well that he cannot deliver. Supports the Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran, the terms of which have already been violated. Claims to be outside the establishment and yet has been a senator and/or congressman for over 25 years. Favors massive tax increases. Betting on a brokered convention. Has flailing hair.

Hillary Clinton- ongoing scandals, to include most recently Benghazi, missing and inappropriate emails and personal server, under FBI investigation and believes she is above the law. Epitome of the Washington elitist and establishment, has trustworthiness issues. Aligns closely with the Obama administration policies. Clinton Foundation is questionable. Supports Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal. Stole the White House dishes during her husbands presidency.

John Kasich- Unjustly takes credit for Ohio economic resurgence and it surpluses, in addition to the Reagan era economic resurgence, epitome of the Washington establishment, has no mathematical chance of receiving enough delegates for GOP nomination, counting on a brokered convention which effectively removes the power of the people, eats pizza with a fork.

Ted Cruz- Polarizing figure, cannot garner support with other republican or democratic senators or congressman, too far to the right to effectively work with congress, uncompromising. In part created and certainly participates in negative characterization and lies about his opponents, specifically Donald Trump. Un-electable because he looks goofy (according to my unofficial poll of 25 women).

Donald Trump- Does not provide specifics, lack of clear policy, polarizing figure, arrogant, too blunt, speaks before he thinks, not presidential. He has demonized or degraded just about every group or demographic. Created and participates in extreme negative characterization of his opponents. Changes policy position often. Is often found pulling his foot out of his mouth. Has really, really bad hair and often burns his face in a tanning bed.

I for one, am sick and tired of voting for someone that I consider to be the lesser of the evils. Where are the quality candidates of character and integrity? I am interested in exploring ways and entertaining ideas that can begin to effect change in the political process. I would like to suggest the following as beginning discussion points; Term limits for senators and congressmen, elected supreme court justices with term limits, campaign reform, consistent and fair enforcement and accountability for any elected official that overreaches his/her authority, to include Executive Orders. Further, I would suggest that congressman and senators do not receive lifetime severance pay and that they receive the same health insurance and other benefits that are consistent with the average american.


Food for thought: Super-delegates. Super-delegates (within the Democratic party only) are individuals and/or interests within each State, that may award their
delegates to any candidate of their choosing, even if it is contrary to the will or popular vote of the people. 1 super-delegate vote can equal as many as 10,000 votes, representing an estimated 5% of the total delegates needed for nomination. Question: How can rules like this even exist?

I welcome, and indeed encourage responsible debate, comment and discussion…please participate with your thoughts!


Even failure would be preferable to doing nothing- Joseph Reed


Our involvement and decisions are important. Our children’s lives depend on it!


  1. I LIKE YOUR BLOG…I’m afraid I agree with most everything. Which leaves me with absolutely no choice at all for the upcoming elections.

    I am forced to “pray the vote”…when I hear something I’ll check back in.

    Oh… one thing Bernie has flailing hair?

  2. Yes Leon, Flailing. A flail is actually a farm tool that is whipped about to cut grains etc. It is often referenced when one is out of control flailing their arm about. So flailing seemed like a good description of Bernies hair.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this election, Steve. Although we may have different views in some areas, I agree with most of what you are stating. I also believe there should be modifications made in our political system and the way we elect individuals to represent the people. As a new citizen who will be voting for the first time this election, I appreciate getting rational information that will help me make a well-informed decision this election.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment Patricia. I would be very interested
    to hear how we differ, as I am open too, and indeed rely upon, open and honest feedback and discussion.

  5. I have said this for years! but with that being said Donald trump is the only candidate that is footing his own bill

  6. This is a very accurate picture of the current state of affairs that we find ourselves in this country. It seems that when ever confusion begins to reign that it benefits everyone to go back to the found document and mainstay of our free society. The Constitution was indeed written by inspired men. The Declaration also affirmed and stated a profound truth that we were created with inalienable rights by the Creator and government was a device of men to help us live to our full potential. NOT to other way around, to help government reach it’s highest potential.

    Thanks SA for bringing this to life….

  7. If you want better leaders you have to spend more money. The talent pool is going private because that is where the money is. Raise the salaries of these elected officials and you will see better talent in our biggest company…our country.

    1. To JUSTAGUY-
      an additional thought on your comment. If you really analyze it, are elected officials, at least at the Federal level, get paid quite handsomely. Congressman, for a two year term receive about $250K/year and incredible benefits. If they fail to get re-elected they continue to receive that pay and receive their health benefits (not to mention several other benefits) throughout the course of their lives. A quick calculation with some basic assumptions. Let’s say this Congress person is 47 when he is elected, lets also assume that he serves only two years. So, beginning at age 49, he will receive $250k until death. Lets also assume that he lives to be 83. This means he will receive $250K/year for 34 years. 34 x $250K = $8,500,000.00 plus all health benefits etc. All the while he is free to earn additional income in the private sector. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  8. The control of the election process by the Democrat and Republican parties and those with the money to control those entities has rendered the voter meaningless in the determination of our elected officials at almost all but the local level.
    We now vote for as you have said “the Lesser of two evils”, who have been nominated through a system that needs serious reform.
    We have never been a true democracy. We are a Republic based on democratic principals but which has morphed into an Oligarchy due to the influence of money in our politics.
    When we can remove the money from the equation (both from elections and pay to play access), we will start to have voter driven representation.
    We have one of the lowest voter participation percentages in the free world due mostly to apathy and the feeling that our votes are meaningless.
    When we have an electorate that is both knowledgeable and participatory, we will begin to see people of character with a heart for service step up to lead our Nation.
    It has been a long road to get to this place. It will take a determined effort to effect the changes needed to get big money out of politics. They won’t be going without a fight.

  9. I believe you have it pegged right SKITROUT.
    I am highly interested in getting as many people involved as possible, perhaps
    we can somehow reverse the thinking of many of our youth, they don’t seem to fully comprehend what they have and what they are so eager to give up in this country.

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