dumb and dumber

Kasich Knows Best



Let’s keep this short.

 Long Time Republican and Presidential candidate John Kasich (R), and current Governor of the State of Ohio, is the establishment. Although many of his economic, foreign, domestic and defense policies are generally sound, the people have spoken, and they have not spoken in favor of him.

Delegate results

At this writing, John Kasich has won the sum total of one State, his home State of Ohio. He has secured an abysmal 148 delegates. while front runner Donald Trump has secured 845. The required delegates to secure the Republican nomination is 1237, with a remaining number of uncommitted delegates standing at 733, this means that John Kasich is mathematically eliminated from securing the nomination.

Get out of the way John…you have lost

His unwillingness or inability to exit the Republican Presidential race epitomizes the arrogance of the establishment, both Republican and Democratic. It represents Mr. Kasich utter disregard for the voice of the voter, as he is now mathematically incapable of winning enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination. He is reliant entirety upon the establishment abandoning the voice of the people in favor of nominating a candidate of their own choice.

Simply stated, John Kasich is staying in the Republican race to deprive Donald Trump and Ted Cruz of the needed delegates to ensure a contested Convention in Cleveland, OH this summer.

Exit 2
Its over for you John Kasich, the people have spoken.

John Kasich and the Republican Elitists think they know what is best for you. They either believe that their views supersede the voters,  or they simply do not care what you think. They are willing to utilize a rigged system in order to overturn the will of the people. Do you think this type of thinking represents liberty and fairness? Government for the people and by the people? I don’t.

What Mr. Kasich so arrogantly doesn’t understand, is that it is precisely this type of thinking that has caused rise to Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Wake up and smell the roses John Kasich!

dumb and dumber
Your the dumb one Governor Kasich… Believe me, there is not a one in a million chance of you becoming President!

Stand up and voice your concerns to your Senators and Congressmen. Complacency is what they wish for.



In articles to follow, I would like to examine the Democrats Super-delegates and the Republican Unbound delegates. Should the RNC change the rules?


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