Socialist Sanders- Rethinking My Hatchet Job

“As an economist who grew up on the “no hand-out, pick yourself up by the bootstraps, trickle down” economics of the Ronald Reagan conservatives, I know very intimately the outlook you express. I also know it to be a sham, a lie told to you by the elites, a morally bankrupt philosophy that leads to oligarchy and suppression of the poor. I did my studies in development, creative destruction, and government policy, and I can tell you that Bernie Sanders has a moral economic argument that is unrivaled in modern American politics. And that it just so happens that it is a long term economic engine that will lead to sustained growth. Please rethink your attempted hatchet job and try some actual research, it may do you some good”.- John (commented on Socialist Sanders Post)

Democrats simply are not what they used to be!

John, thank you for taking the time to post a comment, it is appreciated. You have stated your educational accomplishments succinctly, however, you have provided no argument to support your views. Rather you invoke personal criticism in its place. One thing stands abhorrently clear, the progressive and socialist thinkers of today,  wholly disregard the famous words of revered statesman, JFK.  He said, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” -John F. Kennedy (D), President of the United States of America (1961-1963)

This nation would truly would “Burn” if Sanders were elected President!

On the surface your comments evoke passion, however, they stink with the sense of entitlement. You have offered no presentation as to the methodology that Mr. Sanders would implement to affect the Utopian Society, the unachievable society you seek.

Human “progress” happens when humans are free. The progressive and socialist agenda diminishes freedom while promising the unattainable. Bill Gates, as one example, is extremely wealthy because he created tremendous value for a great number of people. The absence of Bill Gates, or those like him, would be a terrible thing, tens of thousands of jobs would not have been created and revolutionary products would not exist.

John, are you jealous of the rich, or are you concerned for the poor? Just what is the source of your discontent? Shouldn’t we be having discussions about how to improve conditions for the poor, without paying them to be slaves to the state?

Please put some meat on the bones of Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Some States even require a License to go out of business!

Guessing by your admission that you “grew up on the no hand-out, pick yourself up by the bootstraps, trickle down economics of the Ronald Reagan conservatives,” era, I think it would fair to say that your are perhaps in your 40’s or 50’s. It is also apparent that you attended college and were educated, and misled by the liberal educators that are so prevalent in institutions of higher learning today. I would also surmise that you are up to your ears in student loan debt, most likely you are unemployed or underemployed , and have most certainly never operated your own business.

If you ever have  operated a business you would surely understand, that government does not create jobs, it in fact inhibits them. Through the use of: red tape, regulation, taxation, and now Obamacare. The bigger government becomes, the harder it is for private businesses to thrive.

A correct depiction of Progressives and Socialists

Socialism and Progressivism are contrary to the very principles that this country was founded upon, as it rejects limited government, property ownership, liberty, and a free market economy (please refer to the United States Constitution). Socialism and Progressivism represent massive Centralized Government, loss of liberty, and rule by the elitists. All of which invites ever increasing corruption. Progressivism and Socialism should in reality be called “Regressivism”.

There is an old saying ” Free People are not equal, and equal people are not free”- Author Unknown.  As this relates to income or material wealth, a free people will earn different amounts of money. If somehow it were that all people earned the exact same income, they certainly would not be free. Rather, they would be the prisoner of a controlling, freedom robbing, Centralized Government.

Financial equality in a society that is free is an illusion and a falsehood. Some will not work as hard as others, talents and abilities differ, egos, and jealousy get in the way.

If we were to truly live in an economically equal society, orders and laws must be established to include: do not work any harder or be smarter then anyone else, do not be more creative then the next guy, do not invest any differently then any one else, do not enter into any business that might succeed and propel your wealth to greater heights then your neighbor, and certainly do not celebrate individualism or success! In other words, Make damn sure that you are exactly the same as everyone else in every way possible. Violation of any one of the above policies must be backed up with fines, penalties, and perhaps even imprisonment.

I have only lightly touched on one concept of Progressivism and Socialism, economic inequality. The false notions and concepts of Bernie Sanders can be refuted at every level imaginable: private property vs. government owned property, ownership of ideas and concepts, and the right to make a profit for ones efforts and risks, to name but a few.

Socialism and Progressivism are a disincentive to hard work, investment, ingenuity, and the drive to excel. While it encourages corruption in government, repression of the poor, insipidness, and a sense of entitlement.

“Even if we were somehow  magically made equal in wealth tonight,  we would be unequal in wealth in the morning because some of us would spend it and some of us would save it”.- Lawrence W. Reed

Due to the Bernie Sanders proponents inability to articulate and rationally explain their position, many have resorted to disruption, insult, protest, and in some cases violence (please look at your evening news). Although this represents a minority, the majority still ignorantly cling to this notion of entitlement. In  posts to follow, I am hopeful to explore in more depth, why so many Millennials and the youth of this nation feel so entitled, and fail to wean themselves from the nipple of their parents  and government assistance to perpetuity? How have we gone so wrong in previous generations to inspire such expectations in our youth?

Bernie is all but eliminated from the Democratic Nomination race, however, his idealism is far from gone. Our attention must now be focused on Hillary Clinton, who, in many respects, is further left then Sanders.

 This young woman has hit the nail on the head


  1. SA,

    Well stated, and my compliments to you for taking on the task of enlightening a liberal mind. That is not an easy thing to do, and in fact, may be impossible. Your arguments are pretty clear and hard to refute.

    I look forward to your discussions now that Cruz and Kasich have dropped out.


    1. Thanks Larry, nothing is impossible!!
      If we can shed our disdain and apathy for government, get involved
      we may just have a chance to turn this country once again into the leader of the free world

      ignorance and apathy will be our demise if we let it.

      I will focus on Clinton and Trump now.


  2. Steve,…excellent! I would like to read more liberal responses. John didn’t have anything of substance. I enjoyed the millennial rant at the end. I read some of the comments to her very clear and understandable statements. and again…Mostly from conversational cripples that have to attack with filthy words and no substance. Is that a mark of the millennials? Or is it everyone that has no rational or intelligent response? I look forward to your Hillary piece. Leon

    1. Thank you Leon, I hope you enjoy the shirt!!

      With the attack by those on the left of the Constitution and particularly the Second Amendment
      the T-shirt definitely makes a statement.

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