A Life of Hopelessness

By Michael Lewinski and editing by Don Volz 09/05/16

It’s important to speak out about the problems [in the inner-cities] because they are only getting worse,” said Michael Lewitt, in asserting that black-on-black violence stems from the lack of educational and economic opportunities. Like Donald Trump, this market strategist, money manager and author recognizes that absence of opportunities is a direct consequence of the failed progressive and liberal policies in the inner-cities. “Because of political correctness, with people fearing being labeled as racist, honest, forthright and open discussions do not occur,” Lewitt said.

The problems that plague us today are a result of status quo policies implemented over many decades. The people in the poor precincts suffer from the debilitating economic effects of over regulation from crony capitalists and their crooked political allies. As do we all, they suffer from the devaluation of our money by the Federal Reserve with its ceaseless money printing. They also are the victims of the high taxes on business that retard employment prospects.

We have a choice to make in November – a choice between embracing the liberty of self-determination and accepting the tyranny of faraway establishment cronyism centered in Washington. This should be a no brainer – a choice between a gloomy progressive future directed by the establishment and led by Hillary Clinton, and a brighter horizon directed by conservatives and led by Donald Trump.

African-Americans trapped in the inner-cities, and others located elsewhere, should re-think their blind allegiance to the party of slavery, forced segregation and Jim Crow. They live with the Democratic Party’s failures all around them. They suffer from failing public schools without recourse to the types of school choice programs that Donald Trump has pledged to support with federal dollars.  Instead of the hopelessness of the welfare trap, they should consider the employment opportunities which will be available everywhere to everyone through Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation policies.

It comes down to this, do you want to live your life as you do today, under the direction and control of progressive technocrats, or do you want the new and expanding opportunities that will result from the limited government and free enterprise championed by conservatives?  Do you want new opportunities or more of the same failed policies?

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